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Shaukat Khan PictureShaukat has been interested in flowers since his childhood, and has spent over 30 years either in botany, making herbal products such as teas and aromatherapy oils, or cultivating and painting flowers.

Most artists paint flowers purely for their aesthetic beauty but Shaukat paints the parts other artists tend to ignore or simply do not see! It is the inner parts of the flower such as the petals, stigma and stamen that arouse Shaukat's interest. The abstract flower paintings are stunning, exciting, and wonderful to behold.

Since living in Spain the tranquillity of the rolling hills, olive tress, orange groves and golden sandy beaches has brought the magic of Mediterranean beauty to Shaukat's paintings.

Shaukat supports both Seeds for Africa and UNICEF with his art as he is totally dedicated to helping the educational welfare of the children so they can have a better life.

Awareness of the Rainforest through art

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East Kent artist sells striking and inspiring paintings for UNICEF's Pakistan Flood Children's Appeal.

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Canterbury based artist Shaukat Khan is offering his entire studio collection of twenty floral paintings to raise funds for UNICEF's Pakistan Flood Children's Appeal. Shaukat Khan raised £2,000 for UNICEF after the Pakistan earthquake of October 2005 and now hopes to raise £5,000, or more, for the flood victims. He is calling on the local community to bid generously for the collection from August 23rd to September 23rd

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Canterbury Guide - Enjoy 38 Historical sites and 9 short walks

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CANTERBURY GUIDE - Enjoy 38 Historical sites and 9 short walks, Westgate Tower / Garden, Wine Cooler at Roman Museum - Explore the city and river with the Canterbury Guide

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THREE SHORT RIVER WALKS. Amazing scenic views of the river where every step is rich in history of the past and present. Gentle flow of the river, full of wild flora and fauna. There is so much to see and explore that you will want to come back again and again to explore more. You will wonder at the beauty and tranquillity during your walks despite the hustle and bustle of this medieval city. There are charming meadows to discover, wild plants, and secret gardens full of trees, shrubs, blooms and lawns for relaxing. SIX SHORT CITY WALKS, including a visit to the Cathedral, medieval wall and castle full of historical interest and museums displaying relics of the past. Every step you take, you are following in the steps of Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Noblemen, Artist, Writers, Warriors and Pilgrims from all over the world. You will be happy to know that most pathways are smooth and flat which is ideal for disabled buggies. Go on explore the city.


I am on a mission to educate poor children in rural parts of Pakistan so they do not become victims of illiteracy, poverty and be deprived of any opportunity of a better life.
I believe that a person who can read and write will be able to learn some useful skills and be a good citizen, hence enjoying peace, prosperity and no violence.
Illiteracy breeds poverty, deprivation and violence and that is what we see today which has become a major global issue of our time. How true it is that? Give me a boy of seven and I will give you a man. By Shakespeare. I am selling my paintings and their awesome art prints to establish schools and skill training centres. So, your support is vital to the success of this important project. I would appreciate it if you can e-mail this page to your friends and encourage purchases of Awesome Art Prints for this noble cause. I hope to receive your order today! Watch this space for the progress of this project.... ĎArt for Education & Skillí. Your participation is important to me, if you are a teacher or an expert in computer and other skill training programmes and could spare time to go abroad to train young persons on a volunteer basis then please contact me at info@khanart.co.uk

Khan Art for You

Khan Art for You

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Breakfast with Figs a Travelogue from Shaukat Khan OUT NOW

Breakfast with Figs

This book is an extremely funny travelogue that will make you laugh loud and long, while it imparts a wealth of essential information to would-be settlers in Spain. It explores the Costa del Solís best-kept secret - the region called Axarquia. Lying just north of Malaga, this area covers only 40 square miles.....

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Treaure Hunt round Malaga

Breakfast with Figs

Once you have located the mural, stand with the Man Of Peace. Open Breakfast With Figs to page 364, Hold it up for all to see, and get someone to point and click your camera.

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